Are You Struggling To Find The Best Guitar Course For You?

You probably arrived at this website because you want to learn to play guitar. But who should you learn from? Private lessons with an instructor can be quite expensive and often a busy work schedules gets in the way. What if you could learn guitar from the comfort of your home and at your own pace?

There are a lot of guitar courses that you can find online these days. Over the past few of years, I’ve done a lot of research online to find the best guitar courses online. I’ve tried many different guitar courses, and the majority of them were completely worthless! A lot of these were difficult to follow along with, others were too basic, and some made me want to quit trying altogether!

After much searching, I have been able to find 4 of the best, high quality guitar courses. These were the ones that were easy to follow along with, fun to work with everyday, and actually showed me how to play guitar! Check out my full reviews of each of these guitar courses and see why I liked them.

Here are quick reviews of the top 4 guitar courses I’ve found.

Disclosure: We receive compensation from the companies whose guitar courses we review. However all reviews are based on our own, actual experiences with each guitar course.

#1 Top Pick – Guitar Tricks

Learn to play guitar with Guitar Tricks

Rating: ★★★★★

Quick Guitar Tricks Review:

If you want to learn to play guitar online, GuitarTricks is a guitar course you should take a look at. GuitarTricks is a premium membership site that contains more than 3500 guitar lessons, taught by 45 professional guitar instructors. Lessons are suitable for all different levels and a variety of guitar styles. This makes it great for both guitar beginners and experts alike. Lessons are offered both in video and mp3 format.

GuitarTricks offers a wide variety of lessons and the site is very well organized so you can find lessons by topic, style or influence. What’s cool about GuitarTricks is that it also allows you to download all the videos on the site onto your own computer. The GuitarTricks community is also very good. You will get access to their giant stable of experience guitar instructors and professional guitarists. The GuitarTricks forum is a fun place to hang out, and a useful way to find and get answers to any guitar related questions you may have.

GuitarTricks is the best guitar course available online. You can’t beat the huge selection of lessons available, and it will take you years to get through all of them. It is constantly being updated, so you are always getting fresh lessons to learn from. Even if you are not sure about getting the premium membership, try out their free basic membership to see what they offer. You’ll get access to 24 free lessons, and access to the forums. It’s a great way to try GuitarTricks out and see if it helps you learn to play guitar. Click to learn guitar with Guitar Tricks

#2 Top Pick – JamPlay

Learn to play guitar with JamPlay

Rating: ★★★★½

Quick JamPlay Review:

I had a hard time deciding where to slot JamPlay and Guitar Tricks in my top picks, because in my opinion they are really both quite good. JamPlay is packed with over 480 hours of video guitar lessons, and you have a diverse selection of 44 guitar teachers to learn from. New guitar content is being added all the time, so you will never get bored with the same old guitar lessons. One feature I especially enjoy are their 12 hours of live webcam sessions where you can learn to play guitar in real-time in front of one of the JamPlay instructors.

JamPlay is a very well organized site, and it’s super simple to find the guitar lessons you are looking for. Lessons are set up so you can work through and entire set of lessons with a single teacher. And if you don’t like a particular teacher? Just choose another one to learn from as many of them teach the same material which is quite nice.

JamPlay’s production quality is excellent. Every lesson is very professionally done, and you get high definition video, multiple camera angles, and picture and picture shots when needed. It’s really easy to follow along with your teacher and it really makes learning to play guitar fun.

JamPlay is an excellent site and I think you will be impressed by the online guitar lessons they have availabe. While it’s a little bit more expensive than GuitarTricks at $19.95 a month, it’s still great value for the type of education you will be getting and you will definitely learn to play guitar much better as a member. Click to learn guitar with JamPlay

#3 Top Pick: Jamorama

Learn to play guitar with Jamorama

Rating: ★★★★☆

Quick Jamorama Review:

For those looking for an affordable, yet comprehensive course, Jamorama may be the best guitar course for you. The course is a nice combination of ebook, video, audio, and software, put together into a well-structured guitar teaching course. Jamorama is a great course for absolute beginners and it will teach you how to play guitar in and easy to follow way.

Ben Edwards teaches the course, and he is a very good instructor. His explanations are clear and concise, and you will have no problems following along. The course uses high quality video, and has a professional polish to it.

The games that Jamorama comes with are quite fun to play as well. The GuitearIt software is a fun way to train your ear to recognize the guitar chords. I found it to be very effective. Jayde Musica Pro is another game included in the Jamorama package and it got me reading music very quickly.

Jamorama, in my opinion, contains the most value for a guitar course under $100. Click to learn guitar with Jamorama

#4 Top Pick – Learn And Master Guitar

Learn to play guitar with Learn and Master Guitar

Rating: ★★★★☆

Quick Learn And Master Guitar Review:

Learn and Master Guitar is the most expensive guitar course on this list. The DVD video lessons are pretty thorough and give you step-by-step instruction from beginner all the way to advanced. I was able to follow along with each lesson without getting lost at all. Along the way, you will learn all the conventional and modern guitar playing techniques.

Learn and Master Guitar comes with a variety of printed materials. The workbook contains all the songs and lessons from the video lessons. This lets you go over things and practice at your own pace. You also get a set of 5 Jam-Along CDs. These allow you to play along with a real band and incorporate the same songs you hear in the lessons. They are really fun to play, and it is a great way to practice.

Lastly, the online content is very good as well. You will get access to the forum which has a great, active community. You can ask questions, and you will get answers right away. The teacher of the course Steve Krenz even is online all the time so you can personally ask him questions as well. Click here to read my full Learn and Master Guitar Review.